Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chilean Musician Victor Jara Killed by Chilean Military in 1973

On September 15, 1973, the Chilean musician Victor Jara was tortured and murdered by the Fascist military under the direction of dictator Augusto Pinochet.  Pinochet took power in a military coup against the popularly elected socialist government of Salvador Allende.  The White House, CIA, Anaconda Copper and ITT were intimately involved in the coup and the economic and political disruption leading up to the overthrow.  Jara's supposed killer was found guilty in a Florida courtroom in July 2016.  However, the major architects of the coup in the Chilean military, finance and political systems got away with Jara's murder and the murder and torture of thousands of others.  In addition, those in the US who were involved, including Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, have never answered for their crimes.  Nixon, of course, is dead.  Kissinger's death will draw few tears.

A tune from Victor Jara...

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